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Who We Are & What We do


CIMA is the professional organization for the Canadian-owned, independent music industry. We work with transparency and integrity to advocate for our membership and the music eco-system and have spent 50 years building a track record of success for those who have come to trust our policy work, professional development and export events, and the various strategic initiatives we deploy to build strong global music companies and artist careers.


CIMA's mandate is to develop and advocate for policies and services that support a strong and economically stable Canadian independent music and sound recording industry. Our job is to ensure the long-term development of the sector and raise the profile of Canadian independent music both in Canada and around the world. We do this in really complicated ways through our advocacy, policy, and research work, and we do it in really fun ways, like immersive, strategic professional development experiences, showcasing and networking, and exclusive services to benefit you, your company, your band, and your team both professionally and in individual well-being. It's a work hard, play hard world out there, and we're here to make sure all our bases are covered so our members can focus on the passions that drive them in good health and in good mind.

Advocacy & Policy

Since 1975, CIMA has been loud and clear about the importance of Canada's independent music sector to government and decision makers. We shout from the rooftops about the value of music and creators to ensure that the importance of our cultural and economic contributions is understood, ensuring that our sector sees robust investment with which we generate hefty returns. You don’t have to join CIMA, really. We’ll still advocate for your rights as a creator and music businessowner either way, and we’ll continue to create meaningful ways to expand your skills and knowledge, make powerful connections, and make sure there’s a thriving industry to participate in. We’ve been doing it for almost 50 years, so unlikely to stop now. BUT… becoming a member demonstrates that you’re a vital, engaged, influential innovator in Canada’s music sector – it’s pretty simple. It enables us to keep fighting for your rights, to keep generating important research, and to make sure there's a better music sector to be part of now than ever before.

Make it
with CIMA

Do you create or champion music? Thank goodness that you’re in the right place, because that makes CIMA your professional organization: we help you find that sweet spot to thrive. We’ve been the secret sauce behind Canadian indie music for almost 50 years. We know that music has cultural, social, and commercial value that is felt every day by billions – which is kind of why we do this. We bridge art, commerce, and well-being to build a strong music sector in Canada. We help you master the business, become connected and confident, and on your way to the next stage of your career – whether it’s a baby step or a leap. Through advocacy, professional development events, webinars, and destinations, resources, strategic initiatives, and competitive member affinity programs, CIMA is your professional organization.

Upcoming Opportunities

CIMA's on the move, at home and abroad. Check out what we've got in the pipeline!

Professional Development

CIMA's member relations activities help foster leadership within the independent music sector. Helping our members engage with each other leads to the sharing of best practices in the successful creation, marketing, and distribution of Canadian independent music. CIMA provides professional development programs for new members and independent companies. We provide education, training and professional development opportunities for members, through workshops, seminars, bulletins and networking events.


CIMA works to cultivate a fair and balanced marketplace, to help our members expand, and to help promote Canadian independent music as a viable creative commodity worldwide. The best way to celebrate the legacy of Canadian independent music is to ensure that it has the tools that it needs to succeed and thrive, both here at home and around the world.

CIMA is a trusted, connected global brand. We have been elevating Canadian music companies at home and abroad for almost 50 years. We're your professional association, and by joining, you are a contributing member the music industry, a supporter of your peers, and in a position for growth.


Whether beginner through webinars and panels, intermediate workshops and custom business missions, or access to new markets to break into - CIMA is here to help you grow your biz every step of the way.


We're closely connected to every organization in the Canadian music ecosystem, and count among our members artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals engaged in every aspect of the music biz. Internationally, we are synonymous with Canadian music and are the go-to partner for major festivals and conferences across the globe.


CIMA is loud and clear about the economic impact of music and music companies. We make sure that policymakers understand our cultural and economic contributions. In the early days, we led the charge that resulted in the creation of FACTOR, and in 2024, we celebrate the increase to the Canada Music Fund of $32 million annually for the next two years. We work year after year for a better music industry for you.

From Our Members

“CIMA has played, and continues to play, an integral role in the development of Canadian artists and music companies of all genres. Their support is so necessary, and enormously effective.”
Devi Ekanand (Coalition Music)

“CIMA is fundamental to an artist's success: their reputation brings about talent buyers, music industry professionals, and an audience which is of utmost importance for an artist performing in a new market.”
The Garrys (Artists, Saskatchewan)

“CIMA's trade missions are some of the most respected and well attended in the world.”
Mike "Parkside" Renaud (Hidden Pony Records & Management)

“CIMA facilitates an indispensable platform for the modern musician to build their team.”
Braden Lam (Artist, Nova Scotia)