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Hey, welcome to CIMA! Do you champion or create music? Thank goodness that you’re in the right place, because that makes CIMA your professional organization: we help you find that sweet spot to thrive. We’ve been the secret sauce behind Canadian indie music for almost 50 years. We know that music has cultural, social, and commercial value that is felt every day by billions – which is kind of why we do this. We bridge art, commerce, and well-being to build a strong music sector in Canada. We help you master the business, become connected and confident, and support you on the way to the next stage of your career – whether it’s a baby step or a leap. Through advocacy, professional development events at home and abroad, webinars, resources, commitment to equity, competitive member affinity programs, and strategic initiatives like Make it Music, Road Gold, The Indie Afterparty, and Make It Better, CIMA is your professional organization.  

Grow the Canadian Music Industry

Independent music is experiencing explosive growth around the world – in diversity of genres, the limitlessness of fandoms, and across mediums. Where the Big Music industrial complex and tech monopolies have too long ruled the sonic roost, we can see that the indie and entrepreneurial spirits are where the future is headed: rooted in creation, community, and honest engagement. CIMA’s initiatives are constantly evolving to with the above in mind, so that we continue to help our members expand, and to promote Canadian independent music as a viable creative commodity worldwide. We’re engaged at every stitch and seam of the sector and with our members, and we create a constellation of networks across the world for our community to explore. Together, we’re influential, effective, and impossible to deny.

Take on the World

It’s scary enough breaking into your local market, never mind knowing when and how to successfully get your business and art to other parts of the world. CIMA was a first-adopter of international export decades ago, so we’ve honed the process along the way to cover many bases: specialized b2b, in-market education and exploration, showcasing, and all-around digging the well before you’re thirsty. We immerse ourselves into local ecosystems like chameleons to curate unforgettable re-con for our members. As a core pillar of CIMA, our info sessions, inbound and outbound missions lead to international growth for businesses, and create access to hard-to-reach places, people and showcases.

From Our Members

CIMA is at the forefront of supporting artists in showcasing and international festival opportunities. They are at every table, advocating for Canadian talent. We very much appreciate all of their efforts and are grateful for the time and energy they spend helping shine a light on the amazing talent this country has to offer
Joanne Setterington (Indoor Recess)

SXSW 2023

“The Make It Music Summit was thoughtfully assembled, bringing together CIMA's membership in a way that highlighted the importance of working collectively to shape the music industry of the future. “
Ryhna Thompson (Founder & President, Envision Management & Production)

Make It Music 2023

The Make it Music event brought the community together to groupthink and collaborate in a way that is rare for the music industry. I appreciated the attention to detail and the forward-thinking approach that the organizers took to ensure that the delegates were engaged and well taken care of.
Rosalyn Dennett (Executive Director, Folk Music Ontario)

Make It Music 2023