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Why should I join CIMA? When you become a CIMA member you're joining an organization that is dedicated to helping your artists and their music succeed worldwide. We have two ways we go about it. Join CIMA and take on the world! Through CIMA’s trade missions you’ll have the opportunity to take your independent artists to the United States, Australia, Germany, the UK, Japan, Mexico and so much more!
  • Showcases: are the ideal way to introduce your artists to the international market at trade shows and festivals across the globe including SXSW, The Great Escape, Reeperbahn, Folk Alliance International, AmericanaFest & so much more.
  • Trade Missions: are CIMA-led business missions that break new ground for Canadian independent artists and their business representatives. These missions offer members the chance to meet and do business with international delegates.
Build a stronger independent music industry When you join CIMA, you’re adding your voice to the chorus. By being a member, participating on committees, serving on the board of directors, and engaging with the broader CIMA membership – you’re helping to strengthen the Canadian independent music sector. We engage in government advocacy for strong music, appear at regulatory hearings, meet with ministers and conduct original research.



Sign up for our new individual membership for Artists and Industry Workers—available beginning October 10, 2023. In CIMA’s mission to empower and engage Canada’s music community this unique, low-cost individual membership is designed to build a stronger, healthier foundation for artists and industry workers to succeed. Teaming up with two industry leading innovators to bring unprecedented career and mental health support, CIMA’s Individual Membership for Artists and Industry Workers includes:
  • Immediate access to personal, one on one mental health counseling, no premiums, no application requirements for members and their dependents through Inkblot.Founded on the belief that mental health should be convenient, confidential, and affordable Inkblot is one of Canada's leading digital mental health companies, focusing on offering secure online video counselling for individuals and companies.
  • A one-year Artists subscription to Chartmetric - the all-in-one platform for artists and music industry professionals, providing comprehensive streaming, social, and audience data for everyone to create successful careers in music.
The dollar value of these benefits combined is well over $2000. Additional Key Benefits of CIMA’s Individual Membership for Artists and Industry Workers include:  
  • Networking Opportunities: CIMA membership provides access to networking events that serve as catalysts for developing industry relationships critical to career and business advancement.
  • Professional Development: Members can take advantage of specialized learning events that equip them with the tools necessary to drive their careers to new heights.
  • Discounts Amplified: Membership doesn't just open doors; it saves money. Members enjoy not only discounts on CIMA-programmed events but also on a range of partner offers.
CIMA’s Individual Membership for ARTISTS and INDUSTRY WORKERS starts at $150 Annually + Tax (less for members of participating Provincial Music Industry Associations)