Make It Abroad: UK Americana Music Week 2025

Join CIMA's delegation at UK AMERICANA MUSIC WEEK in London, UK, January 20-23, 2025!
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CIMA Returns to Nashville this September

Canada House will be back in Nashville this September for the 2024 edition of AMERICANAFEST.
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Hey, welcome to CIMA! Are you a music company, artist entrepreneur or an industry professional? Well, you’re in the right place, because that makes CIMA your professional organization: we help you find that sweet spot to thrive and to make it to the next level and beyond. CIMA was the world’s first independent music trade association, so we’ve been the secret sauce behind thriving Canadian independent music for almost 50 years. We know that music has cultural, social, and commercial value that is felt every day by billions – it’s why we do what we do. We bridge art, commerce, and well-being to build a strong, competitive music sector in Canada. Through advocacy, professional development, international export, networking, commitment to equity, and great member benefits that both save and make you money. Fun fact: In 2023, our members report 24% higher streaming revenues than non-members. CIMA is your professional organization to drive growth and results.
About CIMA

CIMA for Music Companies

CIMA works to cultivate a fair and balanced marketplace, to help our members expand, and to help promote Canadian independent music as a viable creative commodity worldwide. The best way to celebrate the legacy of Canadian independent music is to ensure that it has the tools that it needs to succeed and thrive, both here at home and around the world.  
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CIMA for Musicians

Do you create or perform music for a living? Well, you’re in the right place, because that makes CIMA your professional organization: we help you find that sweet spot to thrive. Without artists, performers, and creators, there isn’t much of a music industry worth talking about. Our musical storytellers are the pulse and lifeblood of Canadian music, often starting out as artist-entrepreneurs who build brands and equity in their communities long before anyone takes a chance on them. From professional tools for personal growth to complementary mental health services, discounts, and more, we help artists make it. That’s on top of accessible education, networking (we make the necessary evil of schmoozing fun!) and showcasing opportunities at home and around the world. We help you understand the biz and the people in it so you can make empowered choices on a stable foundation when it’s time to grow your team.
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From Our Members

“CIMA has played, and continues to play, an integral role in the development of Canadian artists and music companies of all genres. Their support is so necessary, and enormously effective.”
Devi Ekanand (Coalition Music)

“CIMA is fundamental to an artist's success: their reputation brings about talent buyers, music industry professionals, and an audience which is of utmost importance for an artist performing in a new market.”
The Garrys (Artists, Saskatchewan)

“CIMA's trade missions are some of the most respected and well attended in the world.”
Mike "Parkside" Renaud (Hidden Pony Records & Management)

“CIMA facilitates an indispensable platform for the modern musician to build their team.”
Braden Lam (Artist, Nova Scotia)
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